Atlanta Art Now is a periodic publication that documents consequential movements within contemporary art. It seeks to

  • link Atlanta to a broad international dialogue about contemporary art
  • draw out important ideas explored from a variety of perspectives
  • interpret work by specific contemporary artists active in Atlanta

The 2011 edition is written by Jerry Cullum, Cathy Fox and Cinqué Hicks.

Noplaceness: Art in a Post-Urban Landscape

Table of Contents

+ Series Preface

Louis Corrigan, Possible Futures, Inc.

+ Foreword
Valerie Cassel Oliver, Senior Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

+ Introduction
Jerry Cullum, Catherine Fox, and Cinqué Hicks
In a globalized era, Noplaceness may be where new paradigms are born.

+ Battle Grounds: Spatial Contest and the Fictions of Place
Cinqué Hicks
Artists see physical space is the battleground of competing political and economic claims.

+ We Are Not Danes in Denmark: Displacement and the Liquid Self in Atlanta Art
Jerry Cullum
Atlanta artists respond to a sense of dislocation now common in the globalized world.

+ Out in Public: Recent Moves in Art in Public Space
Catherine Fox
Artists take advantage of public space to add depth to the urban experience.

+ The In-Between: Identity and Global Anxiety
Cinqué Hicks
Artists explore the in-between spaces as cultural origins don’t mean what they used to.

+ Apocalypse!
Catherine Fox
Atlanta’s visual artists have contemplated the end of place altogether.


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