Living Walls 2012

I recently completed a mural for the 2012 Living Walls Conference in Atlanta.  The walls are below a train trestle on the beltline in Reynoldstown, Atlanta, Georgia on Fulton Tr. between Chester and Holtzclaw. It was really great working in Reynoldstown and I am so thankful for all the people who came out and helped paint.  Special thanks to Living Walls for inviting me to participate–So far this conference has been my favorite project to date.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the other artists involved in the conference and please take a moment to support future projects by donating to Living Walls.

The Living walls team has been putting together some really great videos of the artists working-Click below to get started on the Living Walls Vimeo site.

Living Walls Day 2 Video

Living Walls Day 6 Video

You can also click on the links below for articles and more information about this years conference.

Huffington Post 

New York Times

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Creative Loafing Article

Living Walls Map via Creative Loafing

Interview with Creative Loafing

12ozprophet/Martha Cooper

Glass and Sable


One thought on “Living Walls 2012

  1. Sarah,

    I had known you were a part of the 2012 Living Walls Conference but had yet to find your work while roaming the streets of Atlanta with my social media campaign group, Urban Canvas. I enjoy getting “lost” in the city and coming across unique pieces, as is what occurred when I found your mural. A truly unique universe you have created on the Fulton Terrace Tunnel walls! Thanks for leaving your mark for others to marvel!

    Urban Canvas Team Member

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